Basketball... Dances... Football...

January 31st, 2010
That is what our weekend has looked like.  We don't have too much to update on, but I did want to give a shout out to the CLS JV Girls Basketball team... This year we have 12 girls out for basketball... too many for 1 team, but not enough for 2 teams.  The head coach set up a few JV games so the girls don't get much playing time in the varsity games could get some experience and play time.  I have had the privilege to coach the JV team at the games.  Wednesday we played our second JV game and won!  So proud of the girls.  It is a true to joy watch them play... they have so much fun!
Friday night we had varsity games... They did not turn out the way we hoped, but both games were good to watch.  Saturday, Brett and I chaperoned the winter formal for school.  It was fun seeing all the students dressed up.  Today we have the football banquet.
One week from today I will be running my first half-marathon... and yesterday and today I have a sore throat.... pray for me!!  We ran 10 miles on Friday... my last big run before the "big" day and I felt fine... I just hope to get rid of this sickness.
Love from the West Coast.... XOXO
Here's a picture of my girls at the beginning of the season in Lake Arrowhead....

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