Is it really October?

October 6th, 2009
So first of all sorry I have not updated in awhile. I have no excuse.  I can hardly believe it is October already!  While some days I feel like we've lived in California for a long time other days I feel like we just moved here, when really we've only been here about 3 months.  Things out here are going great though. It starting to feel like fall, SoCal, fall... It's been getting chilly in the evenings and this week it's only been high 70's.  It's nice to feel the crisp air in the morning.  
Brett is still really enjoying school and football.  He has been very busy.  He has even started to go to basketball practice one morning a week to get to know some of the kids and help out.  Football has been going well.  They played really well this past weekend.  The other  team was even impressed. They didn't score or win, but they fought hard.  The game was a Saturday night (chilly) game in Burbank.  Talk about hitting traffic on our way up there... (the Dodger/Rockies game).  This weeks game is a Friday afternoon game in Claremount (about an hour away, without traffic).  
I have been subbing about 3 or 4 days a week lately so, I've been staying busy.  I've been subbing mostly at Crean (the school Brett teaches at).  I've really enjoyed the High School students.  I've also been working at the tutoring center.  I work with an 8th grader everyday at the same time and than a 2nd grader once a week.  
We've been able to enjoy some of SoCal happenings.  We went to the casting call for Wipeout at Downtown Disney one day.  I have another interview October 12 (should be interesting).  We also were able to enjoy a quiet Friday night picnic on the Beach.  The few pictures are from those two events.  
We miss you all.  Come visit.  XOXO
100_2222 Right after we auditioned for Wipeout.

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