Just an update!

October 22nd, 2009

I said I would update after the last football game so five days later here I am.  The team played super well against Rock Academy.  This was Rock Academy's first year to have a football team, too, but they had some guys that had played football before.  The Saints kept it scoreless in the first half, but the Rock Academy pulled away with a victory.  It was such a fun game to watch though. The team actually looked like they could compete and looked like a team :).  
I know it's been a difficult year for Brett, but the most rewarding one for sure.  They have 3 more games to go.  This week is their bye week so we have ALL weekend to do whatever we want... SO EXCITING... Hopefully we'll do something really exciting and I'll have pictures to post! 
We have company coming next week... yay! My best friend, Amanda and her fiance, Pat, also a high school friend :)  are coming to visit! I'm super excited to see some familiar faces! 
We hope all are well and if you ever need sunshine... you always have a place to stay! xoxo

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