Long Overdue!

November 9th, 2009
Sorry I have not updated in over a week.  Life has been very crazy and busy.  Since the last update lots has happened.  
Pat and Amanda came to visit for a few days and we had a blast.  We were able to hit up the beaches, the LA Fashion district, a haunted house, carve pumpkins, make carmel apples, a football game, and much more.  It was so nice to have my best friend here.  Here are a few pictures... I still need to get some others from Amanda... (hint hint) :)  
100_2257 Pat and Amanda at a VERY wind San Clemente.
                                    Me and my Bestie at Laguna Beach.
100_2275100_2280Too cute can't wait for Oct. 2010!!!
                               Me and the Hubster enjoying the Beach.100_2285
While we were bums this year for Halloween, Bentley was still able to have some fun as a scary one-eyed monster....100_2287
I was also able to spend a whole week in Colorado this past week with my mom.  I went home to help my mom out after 9 years of taking care of my dad with Alzheimer's it was time for him to get better care in a place with others dealing with the same problem.  It's one of the toughest things I've ever been apart of and without my mom being so strong I couldn't have done it. She truly is my Hero!  Despite the reason of my visit we were still able to have some fun... It's so much fun to be able to spend that much time with your Best Friend. Please continue to pray for my family.  
While I was in Colorado the Saints had a football game.  Brett said they played well, but lost once again.  Today starts the final week of football.  The Saints play their last game on Friday. I have had so much fun watching them grow and learn.  
Yesterday, we went to Crean Lutheran's Gala and had a blast!  We won a trip to Philly!! It was great night with great friends, great food, and a great show.   
We hope November is treating everyone well. xoxoxo

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