Overdue Update!

August 30th, 2009

Life has been very busy lately... at least for Brett.  He just finished 2-a-days and meetings for school.  They start school tomorrow with a 1/2 day for 9th graders and then a full day on Tuesday.  I think he's ready.  Football had been going well too.  It's a learning and growing year, but they have a shot with some teams.  Tomorrow I'll be subbing also, pretty excited about that.  I'm going to be subbing at the school I student taught at with the students I taught.  
Bentley's birthday is tomorrow... she'll be ONE .(Stay tuned for pictures of her cake). Yesterday we took her to the dog beach again for her birthday.... she did more swimming than before.  
100_2162 Bentley getting ready to swim!100_2164
I think she was going to have a heart attack, but she did GREAT. She can hang with the big dogs,

100_2165A VERY dirty and wet rat chorkie....

It has been extremely hot here the past few days, but it is suppose to cool off.  Tuesday I have an interview at Concordia University in the Education office.  We shall see... We hope all is well with everyone.... miss you.... xoxo

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