Tis' the Season

December 11th, 2009
Even though I just posted pictures of "fall" and it doesn't exactly feel like Christmas in 60* weather I'm still proud of our tree.  :)  (Pictures posted below).  
We have been extremely busy lately, I feel like Brett and I barely see each other.  We've both been busy with basketball games and tournaments.  A little update on our seasons:  my girls team is 2-2 (should be 3-1), but we had an ugly game.  Besides the "ugly" game the girls have been doing great! I have a blast with the girls and they are so fun and easy to coach.  They are a great group!  We are playing in tournament this week, which we are 1-1 playing for 5th place tomorrow and are in another tournament that starts next week.  
The boys team has also been doing REALLY well. They had a rough first lost, but since then they've been going strong.  Brett finally got his first win as a coach at CLS.  Actually he has a few now :).  They are playing in the same tournament as us this week and are playing in the CHAMPIONSHIP game tomorrow night! Super happy and excited for him and the team! 
As for our life out in SoCal... It's busy :)  and we've been loving every minute of it.  We will be staying out here for Christmas and starting our own traditions... picnic on the beach Christmas day, etc. :)  My mom is also coming out and SO excited she is! We hope all is well with everyone! Try to stay warm!! XOXO
 Our first REAL Christmas Tree :) So Charlie Brown and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

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