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How do I Coupon?  

This a common question for me since I first posted my new obsession.....  I have some answers....

As much as I would love to say it's all me.... I find all the deals and I just know how to use my coupons right... it's not.  First of all I don't even get the newspaper... I have an amazing mother and aunt that save me their coupon inserts.  (Although, I'm thinking of buying the Sunday paper).  Secondly, online there are several different sights you can print coupons off.  

And more.... Just google :)  

Some other resources I heart are blogs.  Blogs have become one of my favorite things lately.  Blogs are how I find my deals.... they do the work.... all I have to do is hunt down the coupon.  Some of my favorite blogs:

Other things to remember... some stores take two or more coupons for one item.... example: Target.  You can get Target coupons at Target--Click here on top of using a Target coupon you can use a manufacturer coupon. 
Exhibit A:   Bought today at Target.... Guess how much I paid... (remember I live in CA now... things are a little bit more, but not too much).  1 Multi-purpose cleaner (which I desperately needed) and 8 light bulbs....
Paid with tax....... $1.25
(I tried to take a picture of my receipt, but didn't work all my new savings... maybe save up for a new camera. )

How did I do it.... Well I found the deal on Money Saving Mom (and other blogs)  than I found my coupons and went shopping.  I used 3 Target coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons.  

So while I still wish it was all me.... I must give credit where credit is due.  


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  1. This is great advice LEigh Ann! You are so thrifty! I love it!!! I will definitely be searching online for deals! You are the best! Love you!