::Day One::

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Brett and I started our adventure out by a luxurious ride to the airport courtesy of the Brinks Caddie.  There is nothing better than leather heated seats.  Thanks Tim...
Nothing too exciting happened our flight.... just the normal 'bumpy' flight over the mountains.  It's so nice being back home... We're just in Colorado Springs for a night and heading out in the morning for our next stop... Sterling/Merino...(Brett's Home). 
The Day in Review

Just waiting for our plane.

Home Sweet Home... I was born and raised in this house... and blessed to still come "Home" to it.
work never stops for Summer School.

while I just relax... after checking e-mails

my mom gets home time for....

 my favorite...

playing with my new camera...

Stay tune for another update! 


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