I spent Labor Day weekend in 
It's a tradition since Brett and I moved to SoCal.
Last year,
Melissa & Aaron's wedding!
(Happy one year anniversary!)
This year,
College friend's wedding
My best friends,
(Need I say more?!)
I will.
I had been waiting for this weekend for along time!
It was finally here!
...Meet LAmanda...
I was so excited
"...she about to like this..."
(minor inside joke)
"...She don't even know, but she about to like this"
Most of the night details will be kept
but I can tell you I love hanging out with this girl!
the BEAUTIFUL Bride-to-be
All the girls ready for the night
(please forgive the photographer)
According to him his other job
besides a bell hop is a photographer?!
I don't know about that one.
During my short weekend in Colorado
I got to spend quality shopping time with my mom.
she was my date to this wedding...
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Mirthsching!
It was a beautiful wedding.
I'm so glad I was able to make it!
(Matt don't forget our bet!)
Although my trip was WAY TOO short.
I'm counting down till September 30th.
21 days
till I'm back to see my bestie get married.
Oh I love her!
PS. Amanda-- Do not worry you will see all the pictures of our weekend.

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