I can’t believe I’ve let myself get so far behind…
It’s been over a month since I last blogged
{minus my “lovey dovey” Valentine’s Day post}.
I hardly know where to start.
Changes are starting around here…
Basketball season is already over…
and golf is about to pick up for BD…
Basketball season came and went…
The boys team made playoffs!
(the first time in Crean Lutheran’s history!)
Lost in the 1st round, but they played AWESOME!
While I LOVE basketball..
I’m ready for a little more “free” time!
At least we’ll have Friday nights back!
We’re both still plugging away at our Master’s Degrees!
Most  Every Saturday we post up on the couch…
“watch” T.V…
bust out pages of homework!
{I am thankful we’re both in the same boat}
I snapped this picture yesterday on our way home from church…
Pikes Peak? 
No.. Saddleback Mountain with SNOW…
reminded me of home….
And just in case you forgot what we look like Smile
I hope to update more often!

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