::Let’s be blunt::

I hate dislike this time of the year.

I use to love it.

but now I’m starting another

not teaching.

I am very blessed to have the job I do

but my heart longs

for the day

I can create my classroom again.

{sometimes I wonder if that will ever happen}

I just miss the hustle and bustle

meeting my new students.

most all being creative.

I don’t want to be a debbie downer.

but the longer I’m out of the classroom.

it’s almost harder to imagine

if or when I will ever be a teacher again.

While I’m still learning

and at times  seeing why God has called

me to do what I am doing.

it’s still one of the hardest things for me.

But yes, I do know


While I sit here and complain.

I pray that all my teacher friends

have a wonderful year and

that you touch the hearts of your students.

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