{Weeks 12, 13, & 14}

well now that the cat is really out of the bag.
I guess it’s time to update.
Overall, I have felt pretty good.
I know many other women with far worse symptoms than I had.
I’ve been able to keep up with my running…
don’t worry mom, I’ve cut back on my mileage.
But I’ve still had my energy, which has been a good thing
no slowing down over here!
…a long long long time ago..
this picture was taken
after our first appointment in
12 weeks :: November 23, 2013
13 weeks :: November 30, 2013
14 weeks :: December 7, 2013
our “due date” is June 7, 2014
exactly 6 months from when my 14 week
photo was taken.
I guess the countdown is on.

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