:: 16 weeks till 40 ::

we’re in the low 100’s days to go!

hard to believe it’s already


…in school terms that means…

‘wow the year is close to over’

but then again not really.

BD’s about to start golf

I’m in the mist of registration for


so time at school seems to be flying

this past saturday marked

24 weeks.

6 months.

however you want to count it



24 weeks

I welcomed it with

6.2 miles.

take that

24 weeks.

6 months.

{although I think the weeks & months will start to get the best of me}

non-pregnancy news:

we had monday off!

{thank you, mr. presidents Smile}

so we lived it up this weekend.

dinner in mexico  Santa Ana

{everything was in spanish, even the dj}

best valentine’s date with the deyke’s.


photo 2-3 (2)

if you saw my insta'

you saw we almost ‘killed’ the bop.

{for all who were really worried… she’s fine}

I’d say over all 3-day weekends rock.

Can we get a 4 day school week?!


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