:: Loads of Loves ::

{note: this post took me 4 days to write}

I’m not sure how to start this post

this past weekend was different for me.

I’m even struggling for words

{so not me}

I had a first & last

a high & a low

2 new beginnings.

the weekend started out with an

e.a.r.l.y. dark thirty flight

to CO

with my partner in crime


Spent most of the next

two days


{my childhood home}

which is a great thing because it means

Grandma Raine

is officially finally moving to


the real reason for my visit to CO

was to shower our lil’ one.

This girl right here…


is one of the bestest!

she planned a beautiful

‘once upon a baby brunch’


it was so much fun

to see family


loved ones.

they certainly knew how to shower with


{I’ll be posting about the details & people

in a different post}

I believe the weekend

was way too short.

Saturday also marked the day

I said


to my childhood home.

{like I said is a good thing, but crazy}


{I do have pants on… don’t worry Smile}

a lot of wonderful memories at


but now it’s time for new beginnings.

I’m so excited for my mom.

Side notes:

Brett had a wonderful bachelor weekend.

house construction.

basketball watching.

steak eating.

kind of bachelor weekend.


29 weeks are behind us

29 weeks

11 {or so} more weeks to go!


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  1. I am glad you clarified you had pants on. The first time I saw it I was like dang thats a short dress...Wait its a short and those are pants lol. Love you!