:: Catching up ::


well this week you get the surprise of


baby bump pictures.



can you see the difference

{well I can see feel the difference}

backing up to

week 33

33 weeks

thirty-three sounds scary.

We were blessed to celebrate Easter on a

beautiful SoCal day.

photo 2-10 

with family.

BD & I actually had Easter break

this past week.

{more on that later}

I know, I know, I say that every time,

but I already have the post started Winking smile

while we’re catching up.

we are down to six weeks

until this baby girl could arrive!

34 weeks

although she needs to stay put a little longer.

school is extremely busy right now.

which I pray she just lets her mommy finish some things first.

the bump is in full charge.


up next:

SoCal Baby Shower

{post already written, just have to post}

until then.

9 days til an ultrasound

27 days til a day off school

40 days til baby M’s ‘due"’ date

47 days til graduation

{not that anyone is counting}


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