{eek} :: 30 Weeks ::

30 weeks

seems like a


we we’ve made it to.

30 weeks is a lot.

I was just thinking the other day

{I’ve been pregnant a long time}

40 weeks is a long time.


but anyways

we’re at the 30 week mark


10 weeks to go!

30 weeks

in other SoCal Mertens’ News

if you aren’t able to keep up with my instagram

our ‘farm’ got some new additions Smile

photo 2-7

we finally welcomed our

ladies home

plus a few more.

photo 4-3

Raine was pretty excited!

photo 1-7

Bentley on the other hand

not too sure

the first day


photo 2-8

we have a guard dog & friends in the making Smile

we will be keeping 7 of them!

{currently we’re housing 13}

the first one to be named:

photo 3-6




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