{3} Three–Day Weekend

I’m starting to do

“our last… as just the two of us”

type of deal.

this was our last

three-day weekend

as just the two of us.


we lived it up Smile

kicked off Saturday

with a little run.

photo 1-13

I’ve been pretty amazed by the human body

during this pregnancy.

38 weeks & still being able to run.

I’m going to miss that lil’ bump.

BD will be going deer hunting in October

{don’t worry it’s his bye weekend}

but since he’s never had his own deer rifle

it was about that time.

photo 2-14

nothing like an hour road trip

to see your hubby act like a little kid

in a candy store Smile

deer rifle purchased. {check}

Sunday was low key.

boys played golf.

girls got pedi’s

boys & girls BBQed.

a kick off to summer.

Monday our THIRD day


we decided to hit up the


not sure the last time we

‘hit up the beach’


our last time as a just the two of us.

{plus my mom Smile}

photo 5-3

it was a beautiful day!


and the waiting day for the

lil’ one

38 weeks



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