::Emmery Lo:: 2 months old


our lil’ miss Emmery Lo is

2 months


Some days I feel like she should be older

others still very little.

Dear Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo:


Happy 2 months!

You are so precious!

We can’t get enough of you.

Your smiles on contagious!

Your {unofficial}weight is somewhere in the 9lb range.

{we go see Dr. Cater in 2 weeks}

You’re wearing size 1 diapers!

You can still wear a few newborn clothes,

but none with feet

{you’re too long}

You can wear 0-3 months,

but they are still a little big.

You still love your sleep

{and we’re not complaining!}

You’ve been sleeping 8 hour stretches the past week

You’re also getting to the point you can put yourself to sleep!

You got to meet:

G’Pa & G’Ma Mertens & Uncle Fred.

You had HUGE milestone:


On July 13th,

You were baptized into God’s family!

You amaze us more and more each day.

Can’t wait to see how you change over the next month!


We love you lil’ girl,

Mommy & Daddy

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