1/2 year… {6 months}

Dear lil’ miss Emmery Lo

you are 6 months.

1/2 year.

182 days.


we can’t imagine life before you.

it’s been quit the month for you.

many first


new people.

you official weighed in at

15lb 13oz.

{yesterday at your 6 month check up}

that’s the 44 percentile.

you stand

2 feet 2 inches.



size 2 diapers


you can still wear 3-6

but mainly 6 months.

:: this month ::

first playoff football game.


solid foods.


Did you like them?

plane ride.

road trip.

you met a lot of new people this month.

it’s so fun when you meet new people.

they just fall in love with you.

{which easy}

you change daily.


continue to ah-maze us.

we love you more than you know

lil’ miss emmery.

Hugs & kisses,

Mommy & Daddy.

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