:: back at it ::

since I just spent the last
looking at old post,
I got the itch to write.
I think it’s probably a pretty good time
to pick up the ol’ blog.
after looking back at a bunch
of old post
it is really neat to have them all
in one place.
maybe one day print them off.
so, I got sentimental
and want to write again.
probably won’t be often.
pictures will still go on tumblr,
but for me,
I’ll write.
it’s been well over 5 months since my last post.
as a family
we’ve enjoyed
almost all of football season & much more.
Miss Lil’ Emmery Lo
has gone from one year
to almost 17 months {oh.my.goodness}
{caught red-handed}
I’m excited to document memories more.
until next time.

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