Memories and a Lazy Day

This week has been pretty slow/fast... does that make any sense?  I'm only subbing 3 days this week so I've had sometime... While yesterday was spent cleaning, which was much needed.  I never knew a 750 square foot apartment could be so DiRtY... GROSS... 
Last night Brett and I went back to the 'good old days' of Seward, Nebraska.... I have been wanting Dragon Palace Orange Chicken for as long as I can remember... So.... I attempted to make it and let me tell you... Jerry (a worker at Dragon Palace when we use to go all the time) would be so proud of me.... or at least ask me to work there.  As I ate it I remembered the wonderful little town and started to miss my friends... But those memories have helped shape me into who I am today! 

Today was the lazy day.... After I thawed out from Tennis I got down to business... cutting coupons... it's a VERY messy job I've realized... 

I'm feeling overwhelmed by how many inserts there was in this past weeks newspaper.  Oh well...  Not a very exciting post, but I had to write... I had an itch.

Miss Bentley is Daydreaming of time with Emmy or at the dog park...  Her favorite spot!


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