Tebow... Poker... and the Future...

TIM TEBOW is going to be a BRONCO.... 
Can you tell how happy excited I am about this.  
I like LOVE Tebow.
(Yes, I know he won't be the star next year, but soon)
I still can't believe it.  I remember watching his last game as a Gator
Did I imagine he would be a...
(ok enough Tim Tebow for today... I'll write more about him another day).
Bronco Nation

This week at school we had International Week.  Crean is a very diverse school with over 11 different nations represented.  This past we got to celebrate all those different cultures and end it with a BIG FEAST on Friday!  
Check this out:
While I wasn't up to "par" on my cooking this week I did manage to make this. Don't worry Brett did get dinner every night, but mainly 'easy' things. (The picture does not do it justice).  It really was good.  Pizza crust, salsa, chicken with taco seasoning, black beans, corn, and cheese.... yummy.  I could eat Mexican EVERYDAY... I feel like every new recipe I see that I have to try is Mexican.  
This weekend we were able to have a friendly game of poker with our friends, Tim and Sally.  Not a big deal, but I won.  (This was my first winnings of my first paid poker game). 
Another busy week ahead of us.  We're ready.... I hope. So busy I have no new recipe to try and have to play it by ear for dinners AGAIN.  Ugh!


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