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The first week back after spring break STINKS.... There is nothing else  to say about it... It's back to reality...  back to being tired... back to routine... While Brett and I both LOVE what we do... we LOVE our time together to do nothing or being able to so whatever we want... whenever we want.

This week was full of sports, practices, and evening naps....
Exhibit A:
This week I also started ZUMBA... I LOVE it... for those who are going huh? Zumba is a dance workout fitness thingy.  It's a BLAST... I'll be looking forward to Tuesday nights a lot more now.  Other highlights of the week include:  Bentley eating a chunk of my hair off (if you want to know... ask, but let's just say she was in BIG trouble), trying a new recipe = yummy, oh and this AWESOME shopping trip to Target... I haven't been updating you all on my coupon obsession lately, but I still have it.  
Target today... 
How much did I pay?
16 cans of veggies (mainly green beans we're freaks!), 5 bananas, 2 Vaseline lotions,  body wash, deodorant, fruit chillers (I've been dying to try these), english muffins, single serving oatmeal, 6 travel size tides, and 4 reusable bags. 

Off to another busy week!
Meals (sort of slacking this week, sorry Aaron):
Monday: Jerry's Dog's (We're house sitting)
Tuesday: Something easy Brett is cooking
Wednesday: Waffles
Thursday:  Burschetta Spaghetti
Friday: ???
Saturday: ??


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