:: FINALLY :::

Yes,  I am FINALLY getting around to catching up on blogging! This is pathetic it's been TWO weeks.  I have no excuse... I've wanted to update for awhile now, but have NO idea were to start. 
First of all  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my Mom....
You are funny
You are strong
You are beautiful
You ALWAYS think of others before yourself
You've taught me how to love
You've taught me how make grandmommy's chicken
You are one of best friends
I Love you...

April 30th (that seems so long ago) I was lucky enough to go to another taping of the Bonnie Hunt show.  Her show was especially for teachers.  We got some freebies... the best one tickets to LEGOLAND.  I'm stoked!  
Nicole and I.. via camera phone... via T.V.  

Brett and I have been busy finishing up Spring sports.  I'm finished with Tennis and we have our last two softball games this week.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all my free time.  Brett will still have spring ball for football.  We have a few busy weekends coming up.... Prom... New Student Orientation...Graduation....  and more...
School's going great.... We LOVE Crean and could not be happier with our decision to move to California last summer.  We're so excited to see what else is in store for us out here.  
Dinners have been hectic  here... kind of makes me sad.... This week hopefully that will be different!
Sunday:  Waffles.... Pancakes.... Mexican.... not too sure yet
Monday:  Golf Tournament Dinner (Brett is playing in our school's golf tournament tomorrow)
Tuesday:  Raspberry Chicken with rice
Wednesday:  Pork Ribs
Thursday: Italian Chicken with Rice
Friday:  Out to Celebrate!
Saturday: Prom
I will not go two weeks again without blogging.... promise.... Love to all.... 

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