It's Official!!

It's Official.... This Girl... 
Has a Full time job!!!
(Please excuse the photo)  
Introducing the new Assistant Director of External Affairs at Crean Lutheran South High School.

I could not be more thrilled to see what God has in store for me.  This past year working at CLS has been a blessing to become a 'true' full time Saint is amazing.  Brett and I love CLS... the people.... the students... the staff... we love our jobs!  (Sometimes that rare to find, but we've found a place we love).  
In other news.... We have a very BUSY end to the school year... While most of you are counting down the days in single-digits till summer we still have 20 something days.  Tomorrow we have New Student Registration and Prom. (I'll post pictures hopefully soon after).  
We finished off Softball.
I haven't posted about this recently, but I have to.... please see picture below and make your guess....
2 boxes Rice Krispies, 2 boxes Frosted Flakes, 4 boxes Corn Flakes, 4 pack of yogurt, cheese, pizza sauce, rice, and mushrooms.... and $6 for my next shopping trip....
I paid a total of $5.68
...I MaDe MoNeY... 
(With my 2 $3 off my next shopping trip)
On the other hand we DO NOT need cereal ANY TIME soon..... While unpacking our new 8 boxes we found more and more cereal... oops!  Sometimes it is just too hard to pass up a GREAT deal.  I heart couponing.
Well, it's Friday night... Pizza and Movie night with the hubster.  

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