It's that time of year!

First of all...
I am now quarter of a century old!
Brett will be joining my club on Monday!
(our car insurance will go down-- yes)
Second of all...
Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!
with the combination of being sick & lazy
this post is way over due!
I feel like there is way too much to cover.
School was out ALL week! PTL!
We went to Palm Desert for the Lutherans Educator Conference.
Spent a few hours in the E.R.
(nothing serious... I just turned into a huge baby)
(after 2 days with no food and throwing up)
Spent Thanksgiving with my Aunt Lois & Uncle Pepper!
(Thank you for everything you do for us. We are so blessed!)
Did a little Christmas shopping.
Decorated for Christmas.
I did Christmas crafts,
Brett played poker!
We both had basketball practices
(First game on Monday)
That about sums up our week!
Now the good stuff...
I've been wanting to make a "cookie sheet" Advent Calendar...
my dreams came true last night!
I love it!
I also made the cute gingerbread photo frame.
I love when I have extra frames laying around!
I'm still working on some other crafts...
we'll see how those turn out!
Hope EVERYONE had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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