Brag Spot

It was one of those days it feel like
only to find out its..
(yes, Thursday is still good, but not the same).
I have to take some time to brag.
It's funny if you knew me in
High School...
Money I thought grew on trees.
I hardly every thought about saving.
but now my hobby is...
I LOVE it!
It can make my
"It must be Friday... find out it's only Thursday" attitude
all better!
I made a trip to the grocery store after school today.
See my buys:
4 boxes of cereal
4 "things" of lunch meat
5 bags/boxes of frozen veggies
5lb of shrimp
Total: $11.35
I'm ok today is Thursday!
Bentley also had a surprise...
She's ready for the Christmas season
Thank you Auntie Penny, Shadow, & Bailey!
Christmas is only 36 days away...
I need to get my decorations up!

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