That’s how long it took

BD & I to run 13.1 miles.

let me back up.

Yesterday we ran up to Long Beach to get our

swag bags & bib numbers.


we came home and ‘carb loaded’

We had a wake up call at 4:30a.m.

{our cell phone alarms}

I was out when they went off.

that’s probably at first

I typically toss & turn,

see the clock every hour.

Last night I tried not to getting anxious.

I set everything out that we would need

{and more}


I tried to forget I was running in the morning

with 25,000 other people.

{I’m not a big crowd person}

We hit the road bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed

around 5am.


{Here we come Long Beach!}

little did we know it would be a



Everything was going smoothly till we hit the


{a major freeway into downtown LB}

We sat & sat & sat… moved a little.

The traffic was HERENDOUS!

I may not or may have been having tummy problems.

so the ride was not comfortable!

We finally found a place to park at 6:45a.m.

Race starts at 7am.

we walked VERY fast to the start line.

it was a MAD house.

{remember me no like crowds}

Well as the first wave went we waited in line for the potty potties.

prefect place for a pre-race picture.


we finally made it to the gate

to head towards the start.

they have fences on both sides

herding 1,000s of people towards the start.

{my least favorite thing}

I finally push our way up to the start.

and we were off.

Only 13.1 miles stood in our way.

the first SIX miles.

we bobbed and weaved like it was our job.

miles flew by.

BD tripped.

the sun was beating down.

one bathroom stop.

{my tummy was not my friend today}

we hit 13 and could see the finish line.

I looked over

saw my best friend & husband

and we both booked it for the finish.

I’ve ran other half marathons before

but this one was by far the most memorable.

not because the course.

but because of who crossed the finish line with me



thanks for pushing me and believing in me.

Garmin miles: 13.25

{bobbing and weaving}

time: 1:56.47


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