{3} Three Things!

The day after, after the half marathon.

still the same.

ready to run.

Three important things happened in the past two days.

1.  After the running on Sunday, I convinced BD to eat at

the Sugar Shack!


{so, I realize no one probably know what that is}

{come and visit maybe we’ll take you!}

this was actually our first time to eat there.

I had heard amazing things.

They lived up to that.

2. We had to get a new battery for the



having a handy husband


{is sexy}

my job of the evening.



{thank goodness for me Smile}

3. Bentley would be very embarrassed by this,

but she’ll never see it.

She has a sore on her back

she likes to lick.

it’s gross.

so what do you do

when you don’t want your dog

to have the cone of shame.


you create a onesie

that covers her sore.

odds on if it will still be one when I get home?!

I say over 50%,

BD says less.

Let’s see who wins!


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