::One week::

So it’s been one OVER a week since

I last blogged

{blogger fail}

I even missed the first day of


Happy October!

The past week was filled

with this {homework}, that {work}.

and football win.

{not for the donkey’s though. ugh}

One week from today

the hubs will be a half-marathoner!


we’ll be running the

Long Beach Half Marathon.

it’s been almost a year since

my last one.

I’m really excited for this one.

to run with the one I love.

I’m so proud of him.

He’s super ridiculously busy,

but is always ready to run with me


Now that it’s been over a week.

I promise semi-promise to

have a more exciting life this next week.

It’s homecoming week!


{after homecoming my senior year}


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