it’s been awhile on house updates.

the week brett had finals

he may or may not put some time in at home Smile

he was able to some things accomplished.

perks of a high school teacher

{never had those in elementary school}

he was in heaven.

He was able to build his ‘bench’

in his garage shop


re-wire the lighting for that area.

::enter mental picture here::

{I’ll try to take one}

another big project he was working on was

{finally} finishing the deck.

yes, it was ‘technically’ done

but it need steps and siding.

photo 3-2

no more ‘falling’ off.

I’m sorry to call the cold weather peps.

but we’re starting to live outside.


BD hung up an extra TV we had


photo 2-3

I love it!

can’t wait for summer nights Smile

work has started in the front, too!

it’s crazy to think how hard we’ve worked on the inside.

now it’s the outside’s turn.

photo 4-1 (2)

…it’s not looking pretty…


last update of this extremely

long, boring post.

Baby girl’s nursery got its first

diy project complete.

hello new bookcase Smile

photo 1-3

love me my pallets.

only 1,001 more things to get before she arrives.

{that number is actually a low-ball}


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