week 22 & then some….

well that wasn’t pretty.

{last night}

the broncos

I might come back to that topic

might not.

we did have a get together at our


but it was a little less than fun.

I know I said I would mention

updates BD has been doing,


you can see I haven’t yet.

I have taken photos.

that’s always step one.

then write.

I’ve been forgetting that step.

other than house updates

I feel like school is in full swing

and there’s no stopping till summer break.

BD will soon start golf.

{his 3rd season as the head coach}

while for me school a.k.a work

has been crazy

I feel like this baby girl

is cooking


{not really sure I should use that term,

but hey it’s my blog!}

here we are at

22 weeks Smile

22 weeks

another ‘baby bump’ photo

photo-13 (2)

…from yesterday…

{which will not be forgotten anytime soon}

I’m just trying to soak up time with the hubster

before golf is in full swing, too.


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