:May 7, 2014:



month from today

our lil’ one

is “suppose” to arrive.

you never really know

when they will come,

but I’m getting anxious!

here we are at 35 weeks.

35 weeks

we’re getting more & more done

{I feel like}

little by little.

but are you ever ready?!

I feel like her room

is coming together


can’t wait to post pictures!

We’ve also had some fun.

photo 3-10

::Date night::

photo 5-1

:: Pool Date ::

of course

photo 2-12

:: babies r us  date ::

were BD won a raffle.

hello, bibs Smile

have one last ultrasound today!

haven’t seen this lil’ one

since 20 weeks!

pretty darn excited!

until next time.



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