::Mother’s Day :: 36 weeks!::

I feel like I’m on repeat.


it’s crazy how close we actually are getting

to meet our

baby girl.

like I mentioned last blog post.

we had out last ultrasound

{assuming everything is still okay}

she’s gotten bigger Smile

everything looked good.

here we are at 36 weeks…

36 weeks

as the pictures have progressed

I feel as though I look

t.i.r.e.d or h.a.g.g.e.r.e.d

but I’ve still been sleeping well.

I’ll blame it on the lighting Winking smile

I put a picture on insta with a sneak peek

of her room….

photo 5-2

it’s coming together Smile

Grandma Raine {& bentley} have been



photo 4-6


custom curtains!

more sewing projects to come.

other than baby-land

we were able to celebrate

Mother’s Day!

where else to celebrate than the beach

when you live in


photo 3-12

everybody takes ‘selfies’ at the beach

after church

we hit up my favorite breakfast joint

Sugar Shack Smile


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