{almost} one month

holy cow!

it’s hard to believe in just a few

short days

Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo

will be


I’m not too sure were time has gone.

Some days I feel like we just brought her home



other days I feel like she’s been with us forever.

{the way I like it, because I can’t imagine life with out her}!

While the past month 28 days

have been some of the most challenging.

some of the most rewarding.

some of the best days

of my life.

motherhood is

h.a.r.d. & m.e.s.s.y.

but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

photo 1-14

a lot of people write about the things they didn’t know about in the

first month.

my list would be way too long!

{considering I didn’t read a book or take a class}

there are a few things I have learned:

{in no order}


there is nothing like a mother’s love.

you fall even more in love with your husband {daily}

it takes a village to raise a kid.

never say ‘no’ always say ‘yes’

skype & facetime

are amazing to show off our lil’ one to family & friends

God is so good!

Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo

photo 3-14

you’ve rocked our world

in the best possible way!

photo 4-7


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