One Month{belated}

Emmery Lo is officially {over}


photo 3-15

BD said it best last night at dinner

‘this has been the quickest & slowest month of my life’

it amazes how much she changes daily hourly.

Dear Lil’ Miss Emmery Lo:

You have stolen our hearts!

photo 1-15

Happy 1 Month!

You are so easy going

{when you don’t have gas}

You are very strong already

{even your doctor, Dr. Cater, says so}

You almost weigh 8lb & are 21 1/2 inches long!

You are still wearing Newborn clothes

{although, sometimes we put you in 0-3, which are too big}

You are your daddy’s daughter… you LOVE sleep

especially at night!

You will sleep 5 to 6 hours!

{which we don’t complain about}

You sleep just about anywhere, too.

Your favorite place to sleep is on your daddy’s chest!

You love bath time!

You celebrated your first holiday,

Father’s day with your first trip to bass pro shop.

You are so beautiful!

photo 4-8

We can’t wait to see you grow in month 2!


Mommy & Daddy


How do you celebrate a month?!

A walk in the park

{of course Winking smile}

photo 5-4


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