Nothing better than a {3 day weekend}

can't all weekend be 3 days?!
I think people would be much more productive.
4 days a week.
with a three day break.
oh how I wish.
even with a lot going on this weekend.
the extra day is just
extra day
with emmery.
extra day
to watch the Today Show
{which doesn't happen... Pacific Standard Time} 
extra day
to do landry
extra day
to run errands
and so on.
but really-- 3 day weekends should be a must.
Three {3} highlights from the weekend:
1. Date Night
our school's annual auction dinner.
{if you can call it a date}
2. Lillian Grace's Baptism
can't wait to raise this little one up in
3. Jammin'
perfect three day weekend for jammin'
 my lil' helpers
::Emmery & Lillian::
{emmery was also taster}
can't wait to do this a thousand times over with her!
within the craziness of the 3 day weekend.
some silliness
this girl
she's getting too big.

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