:: Mr. TD :: One Month ::

Where on earth has this first month gone?!
{btw I count date to date
not weeks, too difficult}
I can hardly believe it’s been
One month
Since TD has joined our world.
Dear Mr. TD-
Happy 1 Month!
You have stolen our hearts
the hearts of many.
Your first month has had some
hard at times,
But you make it very easy!
We wouldn’t change it for the world.
You’ve had some
Things happen in the short month.
Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis
{But CF will not define you}
You met so many people.
You were baptized into God’s Family
on Pentecost Sunday
 {how cool is that?}
After getting some enzymes in you
You’re up & over your birth weight
Almost 8lbs
You are very easy going!
You love your sleep
{which we love too}
You’re starting to fill out newborn clothes

You are a true blessing to us,
We’re excited to watch you grow
Momma & Dada

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