Our Family Update

May seventeenth two thousand sixteen.
Everybody has those ‘unforgettable days’
The day BD & I were married.
The day Emmery Lo was born.
The day Trenton TD was born.
May seventeenth two thousand sixteen
Unforgettable in ways I still yet can’t understand.
The day, while at Taco Tuesday,
Our pediatrician called.
What pediatrician calls at 6pm?
I didn’t answer.
He called BD.
He answered.
The phone call I never want to relive.
Dr. Cater had to let us know,
Trenton TD Mertens
Has Cystic Fibrosis
Honestly, neither of us really knowing what it was.
What is CF?
CF is a progressive, genetic disease that affects
the lungs & digestive system.
For the next 24 hours
I googled and googled any and everything about
Not finding answers I wanted.
With the hope it was a mistake.
How could my perfectly looking healthy baby boy be sick?
May eighteenth two thousand sixteen.
The confirmation.
Trenton TD Mertens
Delta f508
{two gene mutations of CF}
One from me.
One from BD.
Obviously, God has a plan for us far before we knew it.
Two kids from CO
Meet in NE
Fall in love.
Get married.
Each with the f508 gene mutation.
Have a daughter, who may be a carrier.
Have a son.
confirmation of CF
at 3 weeks old.
So, what’s next?
In three short weeks
We’re moving to

Yes, that’s right.
Montrose, CO
A plan that has been in place since January.
BD will coach & teach.
I will be a school counselor.
Trenton will still have CF
He will still need treatments & medications
Colorado is a leading state in
Research and treatment for those who have CF?
God knows exactly what He is doing.
He will put together a team of doctors for TD
In Colorado, just like He did here in California.
My hope and prayer is to continuing blogging
To let those know how ‘normal’ our lives will stay.
A new ‘normal’ of medicines, treatments, & doctor appointments
Encouraging our children to do whatever they want.
Play in the mud, basketball, football, do anything they want.
This certainly isn’t the journey we would have chosen for TD,
But it’s the journey God chose for us.
It’s a blessing.
God made Trenton exactly how He wanted him.
It’s our joy, honor, & blessing to be chosen to be his parents.
We don’t know what the future holds,
It looks bright.
We take it
day by day
Appointment by appointment.
What we do know
Is our little boy--
Truck will keep truckin’ on… 

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