TD’s appointment went great!
Truck is
a natural
a fighter
a warrior.
he weighed in at
10lb 9oz.
weight is a
in cf kiddos.
the bigger the better.
helps grow healthier lungs.
while still not up to cf
{of the 50th percentile}
we’re getting there
we will get there.
some days it’s hard to
just breathe.
thinking about how ‘easy’ it was to feed emmery,
worry free
no applesauce,
no enzymes,
no salt.
i looked at
Mr. TDMertens
my heart skipped a beat.
the worry feeling just escaped.
seeing how he was made
just the way God intended.
he’s the handsome-est little guy
{i may be biases}
emmery & truck
blow me away each day
just when you think you couldn’t love your kids anymore
God smacks ya in
your face.
I am truly grateful God chose us
to ride this journey
I really do need to stop
enjoy it.

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