:: Whirlwind ::

seventeen days ago we pulled out of
sixteen days ago we pulled onto
6700 Road
{our new street}
since then life has been a
yet a beautiful one.
it has yet to slow down.
however, I have 5 hours of drive time ahead of me.
Truck’s first CF Clinic with our new team is tomorrow.
so, let me catch up.
moving with two kids
{so much stuff}
pulling into the drive way for the first time
{after a two day road trip}
hearing emmery say
will always ring in my mind.
just like the day we brought her home from the hospital.
she knew it without ever being here
that we were
our new home
for many more memories.
we are certainly settling in,
luckily it’s summer
we have some time on our hands.
I already have BD working on some house projects.
dinning room table.
barn doors for the pantry.
message board.
coffee mug racks.
{he’s a trooper & a keeper}
emmery has moved to a
B.I.G. girl bed.
she loves it!
TD has first appointment
i have butterflies in my stomach.
new beginning.
seems to be a theme
this summer.
with all the whirlwind of
I’ve been clinging to.
hebrews 13:8
‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever’
it’s a beautiful reminder.

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