Thawed Out

January 11th, 2010
Hey everyone!  We (I) have finally thawed out from the Minnesota wedding with 70 plus temperatures all week.  While I loved seeing the snow and being cold for a little bit. I've realized how blessed I am right now to be able to not have to bundle up every time I got outside or being able to run outside in general.  
Brett and I are back into the grind of things.... I subbed EVERYDAY last week... and working my way to EVERYDAY this week.  I love it though, no complaints.  I love the school, the students, and the staff.  We had a BUSY week of basketball when we got home.  Two games and practices.... both games... well... ended not in our favor, but it's a learning experience.  Between all the craziness we were able to fit in two more basketball games.  My cousins, Jack and Ben, both had games on Saturday.  So fun!
This week we have two games also, Friday and Saturday night, but we have games to scout and I have a JV game to coach.  So another busy week/weekend.  Pretty much our story till the middle of February, but we love it!  
I "borrowed" most of these pictures from other people at the wedding, but thought you might enjoy another slideshow of our trip to MN.  Which we can't wait to go back to in the summer and going BOATING!!  ** Hint Hint Rudolph family :)  
Hope everyone else is back into the routine of normalcy after the holidays! Miss you all...XOXO

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