:: Spring Break Part I ::

One of the many perks of being an educator.... SpRinG BrEaK!!!
Last year the schools we taught at didn't have a spring break... So... to have one back in AMAZING! It's a great time to hangout with my Love, family, friends, relax, have fun, do WhAtEVeR I WANT!!  We've had a busy first half of Spring Break...
1.  Hiking the 'Dreaded Hill' (Made me miss the Incline)!
2. Babysitting...aka get to go to the park and play... than play some more!
3. Celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord... Church with great Friends and... (Tenley... Yes, Tenley from the Bachelor was at the church we attended for Easter).  
4.  Yummy Easter dinner with the Family.... 
5.  Living and experiencing our first EaRThQuAkE... (One of the craziest feelings I have felt in a while!)
6. Sat in traffic for an hour on the 91....(5 hour+ car ride to Vegas)
7. Watching the National Championship with who knows how many other people in ESPNZone at New York, New York.
8.  Having a Fabulous mini-vaca with some great friends in Vegas....
PRICELESS (I felt like I just had to add this)
Now I'm resting before I jet off to Colorado tomorrow for the second part of Spring Break...  Enjoy the slideshow... sorry it's long.....


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  1. LA- you got to meet Tenley! that is crazy! also sounds like all is going well in SoCal. Love your blog!
    ~Amy K/Jersey