I have 3 things to update on...
My Best Friend's Wedding...
(Will come SOON)
W5G Craft Night...
(Stay tuned)
While in Colorado for Amanda's wedding I got to catch up with some old friends.
It's fun to catch up and see how whatever one is up to since high school or college.
Just to see how far we've come and changed.
"I never would have thought you would be a coupon girl"
-My Friend Mike
It's true in High School I would never believe it either but
We got to talking and I they asked for some tips.
So this is you guys.
Lisa (Tim)
Megan (Aaron)
anyone else who would care. 

Top Ten things to know.
1.  It's not easy... It's like a scavenger hunt.
2. Have a resource to get coupons. 
The Sunday paper can be investment.
To be a "true" couponer and get free things you need more than just one insert.
You can always find coupons online too.
There are even e-coupons (more about this later)
3. Coupon Blogs are your friend! I use typically 4 different blogs.
(while most of these at SoCal coupon blogs you can find any states)
(This site usually just has good freebies and deals)
(all the target steals, deals, and more)
(a site with great deals and information)
(this is for all you Colorado People)
4.  You need to learn the lingo and abbreviations.
5.  Be familiar with stores coupon policies.
Target- you can use 2 coupons on the same item if 
one is a manufacture coupon and the other one is a Target coupon.
Some stores double or triple the coupon value up to a dollar
6.  Everyone has a different organization method.
7.  E-coupons can be uploaded to your "shopper" card
and be used with manufacture coupons.
8.  Grocery Store deals start on Wednesdays
Ads come in the mail on Tuesdays
9.  Google the store deals.  
example "Albertsons deals 10/6" 
I will get results for this weeks deals starting tomorrow.
10.  Even just using coupons can save you more and more money each month.

I'm no professional
but love to help.
Please ask away with questions.
Here are a few of my deals I've blogged about before:

Sorry to bore most of you..
Exciting updates to come!

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