{Under} 100 days!

granted she comes on-time or early Smile

we’ve hit double digits.

26 weeks

this week I took my lovely

glucose test Smile

photo 3-3 (2)

what else do you eat after you drank

10 fl. oz. of sugar?!

Donut Holes Smile

I haven’t heard from my doctor…

…my hope…

…no news is good news…

That’s all I have on the lil’ one.

Onto our home.

we added a few more members

this week.

photo 2-4 (2)

they are currently staying at a friends house

with 15 or so of their friends Smile

we’ll bring between 4-6

home sometime soon to stay laying!

if you remember our yard use to be brown.

then mud.

now {getting} green!

photo 4-1 (3)

{this picture was taken a few days ago}

it’s even greener now Smile

Golf starts full swing

{no pun intended}

this week for BD

with 3 matches!

He’s going to get a lot of golf in this Spring!


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